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Welcome to our website for wholesale information!   

Our store is currently closed to the public.  If you are wanting to purchase fragrance oils or wax melts please email to make arrangements for shipping or delivery. 

Watch our website for updates on when we will reopen.



Shown: 16 oz. Country Jar Candles
MSRP $14.00

Why Kelly's Super Scented Candles?

  • Free Private Labeling
  • Premium Quality Candle Oils
  • Exclusive Fragrance Blends
  • Our own special blend of natural clean burning wax
  • Super Scented Wax Patty Melts
  • In business since 1997!

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We provide private labeled candles to stores so you have your own exclusive line of candles that your customers will have to come back to you for more and your competition can not find your source.

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