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Why Our Candles???
Why Our Candles???
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Even though we have dealers all over the US, we do not have national name recognition in the marketplace because 95% or more of our dealers take advantage of our free private labeling program.  Even if you have come across our candles in a shop you would not know the source.  There are so many candles available ... so you ask why Kelly's? 
We have been in business since 1997... not here today ... gone tomorrow.  Many of our original customers are still selling "their" candles from us in their stores.   Our candles are made using premium clean burning wax and premium fragrance oils that are manufactured specifically for a highly scented candle.  Many of our fragrances are our own special blends that your customers can't find anywhere else.
Don't be fooled by all the jargon about candles being made using extra oil and being triple scented because it is the quality in the combination of the wax and oils that result in a great burning and great smelling candle ... not the amount of oil.   You can saturate the wax with an inferior oil and never get a good scent throw. 
We will private label the candles so you have your own exclusive line of candles.  Now when someone gives a candle from your store as a gift, the recipient knows where it came from and will come back for more.  If the gift is a nationally known brand, the gift recipient may never know their gift came from your store.  They can buy the same nationally known brands in any local gift shop, country restaurant, large mall department store, strip mall, etc. 
But if they get one of "your" candles, they will have to come back to your store to get more.  And anyone that sees "your" candle will be seeing information about your store  --- additional advertising at no additional cost.  
Another option we offer is allowing you to make up your own scent names to use.  In a tourist area?  A candle geared toward your tourist attractions or with your town info could be the answer.  Scent names that relate to your tourist area make great gifts for your customers to take home.
Changing the label changes the look of the candle.  Choose from some of our predesigned labels or provide us graphics for your own look.  Or we can ship with no labels or just a scent label if you want to provide your own labels. 
For ideas on private labeling click on the link at the side for Private Labeled Candles or contact us.
We have different lid options for some of our jars.  Our standard label is Buff which is a creamy off-white label.  We no longer offer the kraft brown label as we have had many printing issues with the ink smearing during shipment.  White is an option by special order and may take a little extra time for processing.
When you buy candles from us you can select your own label look, select the lid, and even change the name of the scent to something of your own.  The possibilities are endless with all these options.
Be sure and browse through the links in the left column to get all the details.  And if you have any questions at all please contact me at and I'll help you out.
Thanks for your interest!

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