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Premium Fragrance Oils
Our candle oils are manufactured for us specifically for a premium scented candle.  The oils can also be used to fragrance potpourri.  Some fragrances may be suitable for bath & body products. 
#R01D - 1 oz. Premium Fragrance Oil amber glass bottle with dropper lid -- Retail $6.00* each   *wholesale pricing available
#RO2 - 2 oz. Premium Fragrance Oil in plastic bottle -- $6.00 each

#RO16 - 16 oz. Premium Fragrance Oil in plastic bottle -- $25.00 each
Please note that the 1 oz. in the glass amber bottle is available for wholesale when you order 6 or more of the same scent and place a minimum $100 order.  The 2 oz. and 16 oz. are not available for wholesale.
(applicable shipping & handling will be added to all oil orders)
Keep in mind as you search for candle oils that not all oils are created equal.  Some resellers may cut their oils for a greater profit or may not be ordering in premium grades.  Manufacturers can produce oils in a range of prices.  Our oils are concentrated and the same oils we use in our own candles.  We have found that many candlemakers will buy a lesser priced oil but will end up using more oil trying to get a highly scented candle.  Most of our oils will produce a great candle by using 3/4 to 1 oz. per pound of wax while many are using 1.5 oz. per pound.  So you really aren't getting the oil for less if you are having to use more.

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