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Wax Patty Melts
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Bulk Wax Patty Melts
Shown in 64 oz. glass storage jars.

Super Scented Wax Patty Melts
Available in all of our wonderful scents. Click on Scent List in left column for selection.
Our wax patty melts are made with our own exclusive blend of waxes resulting in a great smelling melt to be used in your wax melters.
#T36 Bulk - 36 of one scent in bag - Retail $36.00 per scent
#T18 Bulk - 18 of one scent in bag - Retail $18.00 per scent
#T3 Cellophane pouch with 3 of one scent - Retail $5.00 each
(please order a minimum of 4 pouches per scent for wholesale)
Bags of 12 melts in same scent are available for fundraisers - Retail $12.00 each 
Applicable shipping and handling will be added to orders of wax melts.   

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