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Email the order to:

All orders must be paid for in advance of shipping.  Payment options include:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, money orders, certified checks, or payment using our email address at
Normally credit cards are not processed until we are ready to label and pack the order for shipping.  Occasionally on larger orders that require special pouring and handling, we will process the credit card prior to the special pouring or special labeling.  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the order to be shipped out plus shipping time from WV to your state with UPS, which is generally 1 to 4 days to most places in the US.  We do not ship outside of the US.  Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is extremely expensive on candles.  We will ship to these states but no free shipping specials will apply.  Shipping will be added and we will contact you with estimated totals prior to handling the order.  
All orders are generally shipped back out in less than 3 weeks but may take longer if we are working out details for new labels or during the busier seasons.   If you are ordering for a special event it is your responsibility to place the orders early enough to receive them by the date needed.  We will attempt to have them ready to reach you for your event but no guarantees.
We do include the shipping in the shown prices for the candles when you order in the increments as shown on the pages for each size so that the shipping box is shipped full.  Each size will show the requirement as well as the increments to qualify for shipping to be included.  We will handle orders of other sizes but additional shipping fees may be added.  The incremental shipping fees will generally run in the range of 5-10%, except on orders under $100 which can run as much as 20%, depending on the actual shipping fees. 
The "shipping included" packages are for jar candles only.  Any other items such as oils, melts, lids, etc., will have applicable shipping fees added. 
Information Needed on Orders
First-Time Customers:
  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address (for UPS) if different ... include street address, city, state, and zip code
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Method of Payment
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiration Date
  • Name on Card
  • Zip Code card is billed to
  • 3 digit code on back of card
  • Type of container(s) ordered
  • Size of Jar, Oil Bottle, Bag of Melts, etc.
  • Lid Option (if applicable)
  • Label Option
  • Scent Selection and Quantity of each Scent

Repeat Orders:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Type of container(s) ordered
  • Size of Jar, Oil Bottle, Bag of Melts, etc.
  • Lid Option (if applicable and/or different from previous order)
  • Label Option (if different from previous order)
  • Scent Selection and Quantity of each Scent

We keep your information on file.  On reorders we only need the above information unless there are changes from previous order.   We do NOT recommend emailing your credit card information so please call that to us.  If you would like to put multiple card numbers on file then you only need to give us the last 4 digits of the card you want to use with your order and can include that in an email.  All credit card information is kept secured.  If you do not wish to have your credit card information kept on file, please indicate so on your order and then you will need to include this information with each individual order.

If you have any questions or if we missed something here just drop me an email.  We look forward to working with you.

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