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The options for private labeling are only limited by your imagination. 
We can add your business name, address, etc., to one of our predesigned labels.  Or if you have your own logo you can email it to us in .jpeg, .gif, or .bmp format and we can usually copy and paste it onto the label.  Or you can mail it to us and we'll scan it and add to the label.  You can change the scent names to create your own special scents.

We use a color laser to print our buff (creamy off-white) labels.
Kraft labels are no longer an option after having many issues with ink smearing during shipping. 
Below are a few samples of labels we have created to give you some ideas.   You can select one of these designs and we will add your information to the label or we can create something new.  Keep in mind that where you see white on these labels that you will see the creamy buff color when printed on that label.  The black border you see is not on the label but to separate the labels for your viewing unless we add a border to your label.

Folkangel and Heartstrings


Black & Tan Scroll

Watering Can

Primitive Angel, Stars, etc.

Light Green Stripe

Cowboy on Horse

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